Commission Info

Prices: (in USD)

  • 20$ - Solo or Duo without strict reference

  • 25$ - Solo with strict reference

  • 30$ - Duo with strict reference or threesomes without strict reference

  • 35$ - Duos with props/threesomes with strict reference etc

  • +10$ - Fluid edits and special edits

I reserve the right to refuse any screenshot commission or increase prices based on a more complex idea that warrants it...but this will be discussed at the time the commission is placedWill not pose lalafells or characters looking remotely like minors, bestiality, or other similarly extreme ideas

Available characters if requested:


_ cranberry _
(without the spaces) is my discord name. Please only contact with questions or things related to commission requests using this.
Feel free to dm me on twitter
as well via the link to my profile on the main page. (this one I'm a little more lax if its not strictly business related...but no erp requests or weirdness please)
You can also shoot an email to:
[email protected]
if the other two options don't work for you. (I admittedly check this less often fair warning)

All payment will happen via paypal before work begins